The Ooty Obsession

Ooty: Overview

Ooty is inarguably the most popular hill station in South India. There are enough number of reasons as to why it is so famous, trying to list them would only take just about a few hundred pages.

To brush through, the most important is the topography of this place, from the entrance till the exit of this beautiful piece of landscape, all you’ll do is cross hills after hills for over a hundred kilometer.

And to the eye, it’s a treat to just stare at whatever it catches. Ooty is filled with glowing green plantations with either clear blue skies or dark misty clouds which change on an everyday basis.


Tea plantation in ooty


The climate of Ooty is always pleasant, the breeze gives you fun shivers, very minimal pollution, lot of restaurants everywhere, old British architectures, a huge lake right in the middle of the town, beautiful gardens and finally unlimited twists and turns through everywhere and anywhere.

Take my word people, this place has some of the best strips of tarmac ever laid by anyone.

There is enough distance of road in pretty much any direction for you to mess around.

If by chance you get bored of the tarmac, good news to people who’d like to get off the road because, there are a lot of trails you can find.


sunrise view from ooty


Distance, Route Options and Directions

Route – MAP LINK
Distance – 560 Kilometers round-trip
Head towards Mysore, Ride towards Gundlupet, take Bandipur Forest route, make sure to travel through Masinagudi or you can choose to ride through Gudlur as well (30 Kilometers extra + lot of traffic)
Road conditions (Reported as of mid-2015) – Seamless Tarmac throughout except for the 10 kilometer construction bit before Gundlupet.


riding down the hills of ooty and exploring new places to pitch a tent


To get to Ooty is to ride through Mysore and the bit of forest with the killer piece of stretch called Bandipur.

Make note, at Theppakadu about 5 kilometers after the state border you can either take a left which is 30 kilometers to Ooty or ride straight which it 60 kilometers.

Once you’ve travelled for 260 odd kilometers, you can head in any direction you wish.


Panda is just happy about all the tea he will be having for the night.


A few strips we would like to suggest are:

Ooty-Avalanchi-Coonor-Ooty : MAP LINK

Ooty-Wellington-Kattabettu-Doddabetta-Ooty: MAP LINK


Roads from ooty to avalanche


Both these routes have amazing corners, filled with them in fact. For those who love photography, you’ll never want to leave this place.

Both these roads have some exciting off-roading trails too, a few especially towards Avalanchi.

Make sure you ride as close to the place as possible and try and find a trail going up any mountain.

From the top, you’ll be quite surprised for what you’ll witness.

Huge mountains, all of them lush green, the mesmerizing sky and at the bottom, the whole valley is covered with water.

Now that’s what is rewarding to us motorcyclist after a good ride. On top of all, you’re in a place not many, well I mean no one knows.

This is only one of the spots we’d like to speak about.


Offroading at Avalanche


The other route through Kattabettu offers the most, let’s say the most soothing ride a human could experience. But of course, everyone has their own definition for soothing.

If possible, take permission and you could ride through some of the plantations. You can’t stop clicking around here, every angle looks better than the previous one.

There are a lot of tea factories around Ooty, duh!! The best part is, these factories usually have small stalls right outside overlooking the beautiful valleys. Make sure to spend some time here, some of you might even attain enlightenment, it’s really that brillaint.

By the time you’re done with Ooty, I’m sure you’ll be wanting to extend your ride at least by another day.

Riding around here is one of the greatest experiences. To some, this place is a single day ride or an overnighter to many.

Some of you might even end up spending three days here.


offroading at avalanche with panda and arvind

Best Time to Visit

Just after the monsoons October to March.
Weekdays, as it would be flocked with tourists on weekends and public holidays.

Stay – Lot of options to choose from.


Ooty to kanoor and the view from the wellington base


Food, Lodging, Help and Assistance

  • Safety en‐route – Safe but keep an eye out through the forest route. Better safe than sorry.
  • Parking Availability – Depends on Hotel/Homestay
  • Entry Fees – N/A
  • Fuel – Everywhere on Mysore road, a few here and there after Mysore till Gundlupet, one at the entrance and the exit of Gundlupet. Make sure you fill up here as there are none after this town. Next available petrol bunk is only in Ooty.
  • Puncture Repair shops – Till Gundlupet next is only at Ooty
  • Breakdown Assistance – From Mysore only
  • Nearest Service centers – Mysore City
  • Police Coverage – Ooty
  • Interceptor Alert – Mysore road, While entering and exiting Bangalore, Entrance of Mysore
  • Hospitals Available – Mysore & Ooty
  • Restaurants /Food Joints Available – Countless number of Cafes such as Coffee Days, Adigas, Empire, and many more till Mysore. After Mysore, one Coffee Day at Nanjangudu, another one at the entrance of Gundlupet and the last one at Masinagudi (Tamil Nadu). Many restaurants in Ooty, make sure to try out Ooty Home Made Chocolates, it’s a specialty here.
  • Lodging Availability – Ooty




Ooty is a destination that most of us Bangaloreans consider a stone’s throw away. The ride is so peaceful that once you reach to Ooty, you’ll still feel relaxed and pumped up for another. The atmosphere in Ooty is calm, cool, chill and clean, 4Cs of Ooty is what we’d like to call it. The smell of nilgiri trees is like the air is massaging your head all the time. You can practically or rather you will literally forget that you even have a life other than the bit where you tour on a motorcycle. For those of you with girlfriends and spouses, don’t forget to take them along at any cost, we promise, you will most definitely not regret it.



Offroading in the tea plantation, Project upshift being us


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