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In the midst of the everyday life, we all need some Triumph Tiger and some game time.

Its been a long time coming.

This is not a motorcycle review.
This is not a motorcycle comparison.

This is our approach to life, and motorcycles teach us a thing or two about going on with it.
A bit fast, sometimes on rocky ground, and sometimes, where roads wouldn’t otherwise.

Sometime life throws us the worst of scenarios, what we do best with it, is what gets us there to the end. Life is difficult for everyone, but that difficulty doesn’t stop us.

We spend our days on motorcycles, to leave the bad gloomy days behind, and look ahead to the shining beacons of light. Life otherwise, without motorcycles, would be mundane for us.

From inside the motorcycle helmet, from the saddle of glory, holding the handlebars, and leaving the mundane behind, thats what life teaches us. To let go off things, to let your hair down, to not take life too seriously.

No one gets out of it alive anyway!
Murthaza Junaid from Art of Motorcycles takes on a Triumph Tiger in the worst of terrain in this flyer of a movie. Not only does he puts his immense skills on display but also shows us how a big motorcycle can be tacked on such difficult terrain.

We at Project Upshift hope to have done a good job with this, and have done justice. The rest is left upto you, the viewer to decide if we could do justice. Or not.
Hold on because this ride is going to be a rocky one!

Ride Hard, Ride Safe.

Project Upshift



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