• Basically we are a bunch of good for nothing blokes running around, completing our errands on motorcycles.
    Time and money permitting, we hit the highways and get lost for the better part of months.

    That sincerely, is Project Upshift for you.

    Who we are


If you are here and you are reading this, it means that you are one of our kind, the ones that like to tour, explore, click and not just knee down in every corner.
Here at Project Upshift, we offer you end to end motorcycle touring assistance that includes and not limited to, destinations, safety riding gears, routes to those destinations, pitstops, etc, and if you trust us enough, what motorcycle is best to get you there!
Every detail at on your fingertips and just a WhatsApp away on +(91)-9686-955-530
For anything more detailed that you might require, you can get in touch with us HERE.


Preetam Bose
He is a former software victim, because of his free willed thought. It was on the Independence day of last year that he started with Project Upshift with Ratan, a.k.a. The Panda.
By day, he is a wedding photographer and cinematographer for the last 4 years and his ultimate aim is to tour the world on 2 wheels.
Currently Riding: Pulsar 200 NS
Dream Bike: Triumph Tiger Explorer


Ratan Ankolekar
Hoonigan inside, software programmer outside. He is best known for his calm demeanour in and outside workplace.
Always smiling and the ability to relax a flash mob, is what he is best known for. Loves to travel on 2 wheels, has toured 1 lakh+ kilometres on motorcycles since he saw light of the day.
Currently Riding: KTM Duke 390
Dream Bike: Triumph Tiger XCX
Nitesh Sagade
The youngest and not unsurprisingly, the fittest in the team, he is getting a first-hand experience of everything we do!
He is still completing his graduation but when it comes to work, he does and wants everything at 110%.
Whenever he is not in college, you will probably find him upshifting on the highway.
Currently Riding: Yamaha YZF R15
Dream Bike: 2015 Yamaha YZF R1
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Arvind Ramakumar
Basically a Management student pursuing his MBA, he got his hands on a motorcycle only because he couldn’t afford a car. After the experience on a motorcycle, he’s not ready to get back to cars even though he can afford one now.
Adventure touring is his passion and wandering off into the unknown is what he’s best at. Obsessed with this country and its dynamic landscape, he wants to conquer every bit of it.
Currently Riding: Pulsar 200 NS
Dream Bike: Yet to Launch
You could be here!
If you think you are awesome and would happily spend the last paisa you have on your motorcycle or on the next awesome roadtrip, then we would love to hear from you.
Let us know why you should be in the team and we will make sure to hear you out.
Let us be upfront though, please do not apply if you are offended by a lot of leg pulling and crazy language!
PS: If you like cars, you can stay in your cage.
Thank you.
Tell us why!
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